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Fiber optic networks

Today much of the old copper networks is replaced by fiber optics. Longer line length, higher capacity and less maintenance makes fiber optics a good choice.

We provide all parts of buildning fiber optic networks. Starting from the trunk fiber to access-client networks. Mainly we work with the access-clients networks, including fusion-spliceing, OTDR-measurements, troubleshooting and build the Local Area Networks to the clients. Our employees possesses a very high knowledge and up-to-date equipment.

Local Area Networks (LAN, CAT-networks)

CAT-networks is used in real estate and office networks for all kind of information transfer, mainly for TCP/IP.

We provide our costumers, planing, design,installation, termination and mesurements in existing or new canalisation. We also implements real estate networks.

Our employees have long experiences and excellence in all installation of Local Area Networks. In the current situation we install C.5-, C.6- and C.7- networks for example to some of Gothenburg´s biggest real estate owners. Onfield Networks technicians also have certification on the AMP´s installation equipment.

Telecomunication Networks

Onfield Networks is established on the telecom networks market through several years in service and installation in Telia/Skanova´s telecom network.

Cable-TV networks

Onfield Neworks works since several years as an subcontractor to Sönnico Installatjon och Canal Digital Cable-TV installation. We install Internet and Cable-TV to over 2000 costumers per year.

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